I created a brand rooted in

my respect for the earth and others paired with a belief

that art and conversations

can change lives. 



We are So Queer No Fear, a team of proudly queer individuals. We work our booties off to make sure LGBTQ+ individuals have apparel that makes them feel seen, proud, and authentically themselves. We are expanding every day to provide people across all sexual orientations and gender identities with apparel that represents their unique voices. We are smart, we are collaborative, we are innovative, and we welcome you with open hearts. To put it simply, we are the queer family you always needed!

our mission

So Queer No Fear is a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping members of the LGBTQ+ community be seen, be proud, and be authentically themselves. We use queer historical symbolism to celebrate identities across a wide array of sexual orientations and gender identities. We do so while holding ourselves to high standards for social and environmental responsibility.

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Clothes that make you feel good and a brand you can feel proud to support.






Queer owned

A queer and non-binary owned company telling queer stories from a first person perspective.

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We are proud to uphold high environmental standards every step of the way.

The fabric we source is dyed using 7 times less water than the average apparel manufacturer, saving 24 million gallons of water per week! The water is then reused to dye more materials and the small fabric scraps are recycled.


To print the graphics, we use a water-based screen-printing ink which is free from any harsh, harmful, or hazardous materials. The result becomes high-quality, durable apparel that you can wear for years to come, kissing fashion waste goodbye!

Even our shipping materials are eco-friendly! Most apparel is shipped in poly mailers which are 100% recycled, reusable, and recyclable while also being weatherproof! Other materials may include cardboard boxes, paper tape, and biodegradable tissue paper. We believe you should reduce, reuse, and recycle—in that order!


Gender Free

We don’t believe in dividing fashion into arbitrary gender norms. If a shirt makes you feel good, it’s for you.


Ethically Sourced

We source our fabric from fair trade, sweatshop free, and WRAP certified factories. To be WRAP certified, a manufacturer must comply with 12 basic principles including no forced labor, no child labor, no tolerance for discrimination, proper compensation and benefits for employees, and environmentally conscious practices. There are less than 2,700 WRAP certified manufacturers in the world! Rest easy knowing your clothes were ethically made!



We take the phrase Ally in Action seriously. We hire queer screen printers, graphic designers, models, photographers, videographers, and more — all to filter money back into the queer community.


Story telling

Our designs are laced with queer historical symbols. Did you know violets have been a symbol of lesbian love since 600 B.C?

Yup! Back then, the Greek poet Sappho wrote of her and her lover wearing garlands of violets. Fastforward to the 20th century when lesbian women exchanged violets to secretly express their (then illegal) love.

Violets are just one of six queer symbols in our Naturally Queer design.