Androgyny in the Entertainment Industry

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Meet Montre’ and Aidan. They met only minutes before this discussion began, but Montre’s heart for mentorship becomes immediately evident. Montre’ breaks down what androgyny means in his own life and how he continues to live each day fearlessly himself so that others may have the courage to do the same. He says, “I can’t not be myself because I’m letting someone else down.” And if you’ve ever seen any of Montre’s music videos, you know he is always authentically himself!

As a rapper, choreographer, and dancer, Montre’ gives representation to androgynous people in an industry where artists are the product. Too often, these artists are told they must adhere to gender norms in order to be successful. Montre’ shatters this notion. His style travels the space between masculine and feminine energy and is infused with an iconic 90s flare. Unforgettable accessories include a cropped orange wig, baggy windbreaker, hooped earrings, cross necklaces, patterned blazer, bowler hat, angular sunglasses, and of course a lightly beat face. It’s no wonder Aidan wanted to know where Montre’ found all of these amazing pieces. His response: “I am an artist so I have to ball on a budget.” He sticks mostly to thrift shops to find one-of-a-kind items that he then mixes and matches to create a limitless supply of striking outfits.

Montre’ notes Prince and Michael Jackson as examples of androgynous artists who inspired him. Their masterful artistry outshone any possible complaints of gender nonconformity. Montre’ advises Aidan to, “be amazing at what you do, and they can’t say anything.”

Make sure you watch the full discussion to get all of Montre’s insights and suggestions. Also follow him on IG as he continues to inspire the next generation at @montreoffical.

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